Epilogue – The Ballad of the Osprey

Our story concludes with our players and dm exhausted, as dnd games should.

Thank you for listening.


Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Sadness, Memories of you” By Cinematic Audio

Episode 69 – Nice


Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Soli, Crying Earth, Moonlight Reprise” By Kai Engel. “Happy Happy Game Show” by Kevin McLeod. “Giga Metal” By loyalty freak music. “Price is right losing horn” by orangefreemusic. “Victory” By Borrtex.

Episode 67 – Preamble

Things are progressing towards the finale confrontation with Thorazidun and his agents. Lucian settles some accounts, Darus gives him a ride, Barry makes a new friend.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “City of Hope” By Borrtex, “Happy Happy Game Show” By Kevin MacLeod, “Instrumental 2” “Ferns and Fork” By Gillicudy , “Maxi metal” By Loyalty Freak Music. All audio used under the creative commons licence.

Episode 65.3 – The Secret of Drake Vault

This is the third of four one shots heading towards our finale! This one shot takes place in Drake Vault. Four strangers will have to band together to survive.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Horror Suspense” by Groove Music, “City Light” by Chad Crouch, “Defeat” by Boxcat Games. All audio used under the creative commons licence.

Episode 65.4 – Justice In the Abyss

This is the last of four special one shots leading to our finale. Justice, last seen in Deuces Vault, looks to avenge his brother Fear by leading the charge directly into the Abyss.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Victory” “Getting Ready” By Borrtex. Audio used under the creative commons license.

Episode 65.2 – A Sailor’s Life For Me

This is the second of four one shots leading towards the finale. This story focuses on the Confederate Navy and the Crimson Giraffe. The Ship HUNTER is at sea looking to find and destroy the Crimson Giraffe.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Harmonica and Ukulele Shanty” By Kara Square, audio used under the creative commons licence.

Episode 64 -The Temple of the Gods

No rest for the wicked. Immediately after defeating a legion of undead, the group has to make for the Temple of the Gods. Some challenging conversations ensue.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Happy Happy Game Show and Giga Metal” By Loyalty Freak Music, “Story, Chalet and Tired of Life” by medyn. All Audio used under the creative commons license.