An Excerpt from, “The History of the Alliance.” By L’Andrie De Galanodel

Most places of historical significance are simply pieces of land. They did not choose to be great, or could even understand what was happening around them when greatness occurred. This feeling cannot be understated when standing amongst the high grass of Briar Glen. During the wars the Briar was often overlooked. An unassuming collection of trees and hills. But on that sunny day, so many years ago, almost entirely by accident, or strategic plunder, three generals happened upon one another.


Bodyguards drew blades in the presence of their enemies. It was the bright light that stopped them. From the heavens four avatars of the gods stepped forward and proclaimed the endless slaughter was to end. Moradin, Bahamut, Pelor, and Sehanine joined together to prevent the destruction of their favoured children. All in their presence bowed by their divine will. In the same flash, they were gone, and only the slight breeze remained amongst the now silent rulers of Dwarves, Elves, and Men.


From then on the alliance prospered. The dwarves, now able to focus on creation, conquered new feats of arcane crafting. The Elves, free to pursue culture and magic, reached for the heavens while wrapping it on song. The Humans, with their endless creativity, combined both and traveled the sea.


And then the new world was discovered. 8 islands, 6 of which are centred in a impassable ring of reefs, were the new focus of the alliance. Now, almost as is the idea of war was ancient history, communal work to colonize the New World began. Shortly after, the magic flowering plant known as Arcania was discovered. So unique was this plant it required it’s own genus to even be studied properly.


That discovery overloaded arcane research. We made leaps and bounds into the future with the help of that purple plant. It seems as no real shock either that the lands rich with Arcania formed The Confederacy in order to protect their interests.


Much like Briar Glen, Shade Root seems to be a pleasant enough island, in the middle of islands, which will have great historical significance.  The island may not notice, the rest of the world has.



Arc, by Cryss

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